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Welcome to Diaspora Bell
The truth is never over rated!

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Objectives of Diaspora Bell

“Motto: where the truth is NEVER over rated” Diaspora Bell is an up close up to the minute rallying forum – featuring “out loud” activities of entrepreneurs, people, places and events 1. Features and Profiles of key peoples in the Diaspora and on the continent – Unique and Relevant, Young and Old 2. Its target audience will be primarily threefold: i. Africans in Diaspora / All Diaspora– the Diaspora perspective ii. Africans on the continent iii. Rest of the world with a heart for Africa. Diaspora Bell will serve as online media, talk and space for engagement, learning, information and access

Featured Categories:

● The Diasporan
Emerged from a duality of identity and vision the diaspora tends to look inward and outward simultaneously basically with actions that seem to speak of 1 what is done in the “here” in the context of the impact to “there”

  • Economics and Entrepreneur
  • Innovation Activities
  • People and Prospects
  • Perspective and Politics

● The Headline
Something or someone that differentiates or delineates the “what is” from the “what can be”. It is who or what we crown The Headline!

  • Lifestyle
  • Opportunities
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Fashions

● Africa
From Africa 101 to Africa 901 – The most relevant and interesting facts to make and keep you fluent in speaking “Africa” its region, big and small picture statuses.

  • The Continent
  • Education ( How the west can assist Africa in development of colleges and tertiary institutes of learning enabling the migration from a “brain drain to brain gain” Partnering colleges in the first world such as U.S.A, Germany and UK with African Institutions of higher learning. )

● Our Universe
The impact of our world on the continent of Africa, from the intersections to the divergence, the similarities to the oddities, the parallels to the disparities.

  • People
  • Places
  • Politics of the world

● Big Little Things of Africa ( BLTA )
These are all the somewhat “hidden in plain sight”, slightly obscured and pseudo spectacular things that make Africa unique, great, intriguing or worth many “looks”

  • Big eats in small bits
  • Beauty bits
  • Life bits

● Voices
This section will deal with the sounds people make whether audible or inaudible, in pictures or text. An eclectic source of important opinions, voices! broken and whole, strong and feeble.

● Diaspora Forum or Blog
An avenue for the Diaspora’s to express and support projects back home and help in developing the next
generations of Africans to be entrepreneurs and stop “brain flight.”
This part of the website will be forum style users will have the ability to create threads of conversations of
specific topics continue the conversations indefinitely.

● Public Corner
Interesting News from the public, blogs, unique sightings and postings. This article is for professional
writers who are NOT employed by Diaspora bell, they will have the ability to submit their work via a
submission page. After submitted a Diaspora editor will review content and post.