Rising Together Women’s History Month @ City Hall

Our vision and mission

Vision: An annual event that gathers women of all persuasions, age and outlook to shine light in dark places, raise bars that are lopsided or low, move barriers that impede and fill in chasms that divide; using our spoken words, our unity in diversity, our gifts, talents, capabilities and capacities to bring about the unending beauty of a “living positive change” outcome that empowers all women domestic and international and the people that believe in them!

Mission: To gather women into the manifest power of partnership, friendship, love and unity that our common thread of womanhood bestows on us. We will do this by gathering to speak, to act, to initiate and to lead. We will use this gathering each year and in-between to introduce ourselves to the voices, activities, and challenges of our women and girls-neighbors and lend our ears to hear, our hand to help and our hearts to heal. We will always strive to create a platform that allows each one have a springboard to the activities she is most gifted for.

Meet The Founder Ngozi Bell

Ngozi Bell believes that we are all fundamentally capable of manifesting the extraordinary, she is inspired by her amazing mother A.C. who in spite of her amazing brilliance was extraordinarily humble and infectiously kind!

Ngozi Bell notes ” We know that life’s questions are at times unanswerable and unfair and yet in life’s rough edges we sometimes find the most fervent of wholesome discoveries. As our curiosity peaks and the depths we are submerged in avail much good, we share and are made rich. You see, in those moments, invariably my 50 alongside your 50 gives me the full capacity and impact of 100 – That’s what a woman knows!
We know that practicing inclusiveness like we have done here today, reaches beyond our community, to our world. As we bring along many with great Words to share, but no platform and we give them the right to teach us while we responsibly listen – That’s what a woman does!

So today and onwards, we work to bring about the social and economic actions and decisions that create forts that can endure! We leverage Opportunities to Power and Power for Hope and Hope for Life –  so that a working mother has WellCare and healthcare, a young girl has mentorship and sponsorship and every woman knows she’s able, because of the hands extended to her and the one she extends. Yes, we strive to increase wages without diminishing the wage creator, and revamp the Value, in places that have been downtrodden  Yes indeed, That’s how a woman acts!”
Excerpt of Keynote Speech by Ngozi Bell delivered on March 23 2019 – Women’s History Month @City Hall 2019

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