Women History Month

That life’s questions are at times unexplainable and unfair and yet in life’s rough edges are the most fervent of answers, as curiosity peaks and depths avail much good, so we share and rich, my 50 and your 50 gives me 100 – that’s what a woman knows !.

Mrs Ngozi Bell
Founder – Women History Month ( WHM )

Mrs Ngozi bell, founder of the Women history month, America chapter. The event was celebrated for empowering women in the community and the country as a-whole with a panel that was honoring women from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

That practicing inclusiveness like we have done as Women history month, reaches beyond our community, to our world. As we bring those with words but no platform to teach us as we responsibly listen – That’s what woman does !

So we work to bring about the social and economic decisions that create forts that can endure! We leverage positions to power and power for hope and hope for life, so that a working mother has well and healthcare.
We strive to increase wages without diminishing the wage creator. That’s how woman acts !

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