The Headline

Things you should know ( can have any headline: lifestyle, sports, opportunities etc ),  Voices!  This is anything that makes news, typically uplifting and important news. Something or someone that differentiates or delineates the “what is” from the “what can be”. It is who or what we crown The Headline!

Headline recent posts

Interview with Okezue Bell

Diaspora Bell Interview with Okeyzua Bell Watch the full interview video of Okeyzua Bell. ...........Read More

Interview with Grace Engoke ( Mrs Arts )

Diaspora Bell interview with Grace Engoke Mugala, Gem Art Studio. Grace Engoke-Mugala was easy to spot in Easton’s Scott Park. Watch the full ...........Read More

Interview with Gena West

We got Gena West to speak to us Watch the interview video as Gena West introduces her self, her TV show and LifeStyle ...........Read More

Nigeria’s 57th Independence Year and AfricaFest 2017 Hosted by (NIAPA)

You are invited to the Banquet and Event celebrating Nigeria’s 57th Independence Year and AfricaFest 2017; hosted by The Nigerian International Association of Pennsylvania ...........Read More

Women in Entrepreneurship – Innovative and Effective Networking

Ngozi Bell discusses women in Entrepreneurship and the innovative peer-to-peer networking capability women are uniquely positioned to leverage! Africa’s women are uniquely adept ...........Read More

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