An interview with Ibiyinka Alao. A Bird of Fire

An exhibition and Talk presented in honor of Nigeria’s 55th Year October 2015

Ibiyinka Alao is warm, hopeful and serene, then enter the visual artist and architect Ibiyinka Alao called in many fields “A Bird of Fire” and you are suddenly buoyed to a higher place as you journey through his imaginations emboldened in his epic paintings that seem to open vast portions of the world all at once, one work leading you to another, telling an unending story!.


Nigerian International Association of Pennsylvania (NIAPA) is proud to partner with The Alternative Gallery to feature Ibiyinka Alao the consumate artist and Poet extraodinare as he brings two of his favorite topics “artistic expressions and diplomacy” to live. Everyone is invited, event is free and donations are encouraged.

Where – The Alternative Gallery -707 N 4th St, Allentown, PA 18102
Date – Thursday October 10th, 2015
Time – 7:00pm prompt for an exhibition of some of Alao’s personal works (which will be featured for one night only) Music and hors d’œuvres
During this intimate talk, Ibiyinka will present a unique perspective of “art as frozen music,” exploring the intersection of visual art, poetry, music and theater in an alternate universe.

Surprise: If you are able to show up a little early at 6.30pm, you could be chosen to participate in a live taping!


Excerpt of a statement about Ibiyinka by Pascal Letellier, Ambassador and Director of the French Cultural Center, Valentia, Spain.

“Ibiyinka must have been forged in the mould of the spiritual Yoruba. He is a first rate poet. He is a bird of fire. He carries his tranquility the same way as those who know the mysteries of the World. The multicoloured costumes of the people standing are like the universe which face and invite us- These big embroidered gowns are like the firmament, they occupy all the space when they are displayed. There is an application to detail that cannot pass unnoticed, attention to perfection in folds, colourful arrangements, secret ornaments. These masterpieces of great patience illustrate the peaceful and surprising research, conducted alone by a unique artist, in the remote region of a Nigerian Imagination.

Ibiyinka is a traveler to observe. Each time I meet him, he is coming back from one of these imaginary journeys. Today he carries his world of fantasy to other naive views, other distant opinion, to talk in silence to those who are ready to listen, the grace and magic spell of Africa.”

Saturday October 10th, 2015

Doors @ 7PM

Cigar Factory
707 N. 4th St.
Allentown, PA


Nigerian International Association of PA (NIAPA) is a family focused, team oriented not for profit organization, based in Eastern Pennsylvania. NIAPA’s target areas include; community outreach and in-reach, youth and community education and Nigerian and African “culture ambassadorship”. NIAPA established in 2005, has successfully and consistently led and supported annual events to meet its objectives. NIAPA’s events involve local and state leaders elected and non-elected, small business owners, youth and the community at large.

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