Diaspora Bell Zaneta I.B speaks to Asogu Nkwazema CEO Intrazones

DiasporaBell Zaneta I. B. speaks with Asogu Nkwazema on location in Orogwe Nigeria about the keys to Africa’s emergence

Governance and and Economic Development are all integarl to nation building says Asogu Nkwazema CEO Intrazones.

A civilized democratic process leads to  strong social benefits directed to the populace.

Right governance = right economic policies + right investments + honest development of untapped natural resources + well being of average Africans

If the metamorphosis in Africa trends to good governance then Africa’s economic status will transform for good and serve as the catalyst for real growth and nation building. It will ensure  right economic policies and therefore the right investors will make Africa home!

Asogu says as an example Nigeria can be viewed as a pivot to Africa

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