Women’s History Month – 2020

We know that life’s questions are at times unanswerable and unfair and yet in life’s rough edges we sometimes find the most fervent of wholesome discoveries. As our curiosity peaks and the depths we are submerged in avail much good, we share and are made rich. You see, in those moments, invariably my 50 alongside your 50 gives me the full capacity and impact of 100

2020 WHM awareness

Be a part of the WHM 2020 event.

We know that practising inclusiveness like we have done here today, reaches beyond our community, to our world. As we bring along many with great Words to share, but no platform and we give them the right to teach us while we responsibly listen – That’s what a woman does!

To Volunteer and Participate in WHM@CH2020 send email to RisingTogetherWHMCH@gmail.com

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